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About FinLoop

FinLoop is a leading provider of integrated and flexible software solutions for the commercial real estate debt market. Our team of real estate finance professionals, technologists and engineers have developed a complete digital toolkit for sourcing, managing, and closing CRE loans. As a property investor, developer, debt advisor, investment sales broker or lender, FinLoop's digital platforms solutions enable you to scale your business faster and more efficiently.

The FinLoop Advantage

Work without limits. Any data, unlimited scale, tailored to your needs and your clients’ expectations. All delivered in a single platform that is powerful yet simple to use.


The best client experiences are created with FinLoop

Give your client access to a technology solution that increases efficiency and exceeds your client’s expectations—all delivered in a single platform that is compelling yet simple to use.


Bespoke Solutions

One size does not need to fit all. Whether you have limited resources or a broad array of advisor teams, we have a solution to meet your needs. We offer options that optimize a speedy implementation and the tools, templates, and online support to quickly move you forward.


Grow your Firm

Use innovative technology to increase efficiency, scale your business and create a truly interconnected business ready to respond to today´s challenges quickly.

Meet the Team

FinLoop was founded by a team of long-standing real estate finance experts enthusiastic about FinTech-PropTech development.


Dr Thomas Schneider

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Previously, Thomas was the Co-Founder and CIO of BrickVest, a leading European online real estate investment platform, sold in February 2020 to one of the largest European Investment Managers, Patrizia AG. Thomas has worked at leading financial institutions, such as Lehman Brothers, KPMG and Ernst & Young, focusing on real estate investment banking and corporate finance advisory.

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Jordi Torra

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Jordi has worked in the financial sector for 10 years at FXstreet.com, an international trade and finance company where he recruited and managed the IT team. As a mathematician and software developer, he developed complex algorithms that processed vast amounts of data in a market where every millisecond counts. He worked for 5 years at Doctoralia, where he acquired his "Security First" mindset.

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Dr Nicole Lux

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole previously held positions at Deutsche Bank, Citi Group, Moody’s Investor Service and MSCi in CMBS loan origination, structuring and loan workout. She has sold and originated more than £30bn in loans across Europe. Nicole is a regular conference speaker and author of the ‘City Business School Real Estate Lending Report’ and works closely with the BoE and industry groups, such as CREFC and BPF.

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Eder Barro

Software Engineering Manager

Eder has over 10 years of experience in the software development industry and is passionate about leading and growing multidisciplinary teams to develop high quality products and services. He has worked for financial institutions such as Rule Financial, RBS and FXstreet.com, and has helped Doctoralia become the leading healthcare booking platform.

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Clàudia Castellà

User-Centered Project Manager

Clàudia has a multidisciplinary social and business background. Graduated in Tourism and East Asian Studies degrees, she has a Master in User Experience. As UX, she is involved in every discussion related to design, tech or business, thanks to her user centered perspective. Driven by the quality and teamwork, she leads the growth of the product.

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Raúl Marchán

Software Developer

Raúl is a self-taught software developer with over 10 years of coding experience. After obtaining his master's degree from the Ironhack Bootcamp, he won the best web application award at the Ironhack Show thanks to his great learning ability and the tenacity and determination acquired in his previous job for the energy sector.

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Paula Marsal

Software Developer

Paula graduated in Graphic Design and specialized in UX/UI. She gained experience as a Web Designer working with technical developers in ActuaTech and in DDB Health Agency. She studied Web Development in order to bring her personal projects from design to reality. Her background in design brings fluency in the development of apps.

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Víctor Ovalle

Software Developer

Víctor has been a software developer and manager for more than 10 years. He has worked for 6 years at FXStreet.com and for 4 years at Redarbor, one of the biggest groups of online job boards in the world. He has spent almost all of his career working in cloud environments. He's passionate about new technologies and agile methodologies.

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Jesús Benages

Software Developer

Jesús is a full-stack web developer with a mathematics background who won't stop learning about new technologies. A growing interest in the tech world pushed him to study web development at Ironhack. He's a quick learner with a love for new knowledge, always up to date with new sector trends that help him build advanced software features.

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Henrik Helgesen

Software Developer

Henrik is a full-stack developer with several years of avocational experience as a developer prior to completing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Østfold University College. With a broad spectre of development projects, he has experience within development strategies and solutions ranging from game development to single page applications and mobile apps.

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Saraswati Aryal

Software QA

Prior to joining Finloop, Saraswati has improved her skills as Software QA at BaseTIS and Pioneer Solutions Global, where she quickly established herself as a responsible QA, understanding what drives the quality of the software. She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Application and has achieved several ISTQB's software testing certifications.

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Nicole Torres

Marketing Strategist

Nicole has studied International Relations and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy at Bogota’s Universidad del Rosario and also has a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Barcelona’s UAB. She has experience in market research and strategic communication and has previously worked in Buho Media, Kantar, and the Lacelier Group.

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Alex Moeller

Business Development Intern

Alex has a Bachelor in “Business Studies” from the University of South Wales and pursues a double master's program: an M.Sc. in “International Management” at the International School of Management and an M.Sc. in “International Marketing in a Digital Business Environment” at the Universitat Ramon Llull. Alex is a strong negotiator with expertise in product management and (digital) marketing.

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