FinLoop Loan Management System – Key features explained

by Nicole Lux

08 Jun 2023

FinLoop Loan Management System – Key features explained

Managing real estate is time consuming and complex. A loan management system is vital to efficiently manage loan portfolios across funds, facilitate data collection and reporting, create more accurate forecasts, and render faster decisions about upcoming loan breaches, maturities etc. With the help of FinLoop’s bespoke software, real estate professionals can easily track the entire life cycle of a loan from origination to repayment.

Key features include

Client onboarding and new financing requests management system

  • Streamline the client onboarding process via an efficient centralized system that ensures that you do not lose prospective clients at the early stage while al-lowing you to focus faster on your clients’ needs.
  • FinLoop´s Data Room-protected document-sharing tools ensure compliance with the highest European data protection standards.
  • A fully digitized KYI process with task and reporting features ensures effortless that all relevant client data is up-to-date

Improve your customer experience by providing them with the latest technology solution to efficiently run their financing requests.

Loan management and servicing system

  • Data Room-protected loan management system for loan servicing with reminder and alert functions, significantly reduces loan servicing efforts on all sides.
  • Fully customized automated loan management summaries and portfolio reports, pro-vide your clients and your team with the information they need, in the most time and costs efficient way.
  • Adjustable current and past cash flow simulations determine early warning signals for pre-and post-covenant breaches/loan payment defaults.
  • Automated interest payment calculations that can flexibly adjust to any changes that occur during the loan cycle.
  • Adjustable dashboards for all parties, borrowers, lenders, investors, loan servicers
  • FinLoop’s CRE Loan Management Tool can be completely customized to perfectly fit your clients and company requirements. FinLoop’s API technology ensures seamless integration with existing software systems, ensuring getting the most out of your systems. FinLoop`s regulatory technology and compliance management features helps your organization to track, monitor and audit processes to ensure that they are aligned with applicable laws, organizational policies, consumer and business partner standards. Smart automated bots enable your team to focus on your client while our software takes care of all simple and repetitive tasks.