FinLoop has expanded its B2B debt platform –

The platform provides a fully transparent loan management process for lenders & borrowers

by FinLoop

21 Jun 2022

FinLoop has launched a fully transparent B2B Pan-European RE debt platform for the real estate debt market B2B loan process.

The institutional real estate debt market in Europe still appears very fragmented, non-standardised, non-transparent and inefficient as a result. FinLoop's fully transparent B2B Pan-European RE debt platform aims to improve these inefficiencies, reduce costs, safe time, and increase overall investment returns when financing assets.

FinLoop offers

  • free membership,
  • easy-to-use RE debt brokerage tool & negotiation tools,
  • accesss to +1,300 lenders and +1,500 real estate investment funds, property developers and other real estate investors,
  • analytical tools for loan comparison
  • automated alerts, reminders, messaging function,
  • fully integrated data room to connect all stakeholders,
  • bespoke white label upgrade with loan management, loan servicing, & client management tools.

We enable your business to be even better, whether you are a lender, borrower, or a broker.

FinLoop's debt platform allows businesses to:

  • have a secure loan negotiation system with truly accessible data room,
  • transparently and securely collaborate with an auditable trail,
  • instantly update the Pan-European market with your latest lending criteria or requirements,
  • significantly expand your reach and client contacts,
  • transact more,
  • negotiate better deals,
  • save time, with fast data upload & automated messaging,
  • save time, with borrowers and brokers on average finding 18 matches in 3-5 days,
  • save time, with lenders able to pre-screen projects,

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