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Real Estate investors, advisors and lenders are using FinLoop’s IT-based solutions to increase business agility and volume.

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The Ideal Software Platform for Commercial Real Estate Loans

FinLoop provides powerful and flexible software solutions for the commercial real estate debt market. Whether you are a property investor, developer, debt advisor, investment sales broker or lender, FinLoop’s unmatched functionality and digital platform growth concept will help you scale your business faster and more efficiently.

FinLoop Features

See what makes our commercial real estate platform unique.

B2B Marketplace




Bespoke Solution


Vetted professional marketplace for institutional investments only. Each member of our marketplace went through FinLoop’s rigorous vetting process to ensure the highest professional standards.


Large market place. The borrower side of our marketplace consists of over +5000 European developers and real estate investors from family offices to pension funds, who invest, on average, 10 million to 500 million EUR per transaction.


Full market range. We cover the full spectrum of the European Lending Market. This enables us to connect borrowers with lenders who are lending against all types of assets.


At the pulse of our lenders. Our lender database is continuously updated to ensure that only qualified and matching lenders and borrowers are connected.


All the necessary communication functions in one fully-integrated solution. Put an end to creating independent accounts that are not connected.


Team and external user organisation. At any time, assign and manage roles for internal and external participants for each financing project.


High-Security Data rooms with time-stamped and fraud-secure backups provide the highest regulatory and legal protection requirements of the banking sector.


Easy to adopt. It is easier than ever for firms to adopt FinLoop’s digital solutions. Whether you have limited resources or a broad array of advisor teams, we have a solution that meets your needs.


Our White Label Partnership Program helps you to set up your debt management platform. It allows you to offer all our software modules to your internal and external partners.


Technical integrations. Our tech solutions can be implemented through your company’s IT with or without a separate database function, on- or off-premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure is the FinLoop Cloud System?

FinLoop’s resources make use of three Amazon locations in Ireland, allowing us to ensure high-level availability. Servers, data and backups are transmitted live to three physically separated data centres that are all fully regulated in the EU. Encrypted with SSL 256-bit protocol, all interactions with the Data Room require users to be ‘logged in’. Files are physically stored in Amazon’s S3 bucket, which maintains compliance programs, such as PCI-DSS HIPAA/HITECH FedRAMP EU Data Protection Directive and FISMA to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Can I use FinLoop’s Platform for Other Activities?

FinLoop offers tailor-made software solutions, which allows you to streamline and automate the raising, closing and management of debt or equity and more efficiently manage financing reporting for your funds.

The platform can also be used to integrate loan servicing, syndication and CMBS bond-holder reporting or similar activities.

How does FinLoop’s Platform Integrate with my Other Internal Systems?

Speak to a FinLoop team member to create the necessary interfaces with your internal back-end systems.

What does FinLoop do with my Data?

All data is stored via Amazon Web Services. FinLoop IT staff track and audit account activities. FinLoop staff does not have access to your data.

FinLoop is not a data provider and does not collaborate with data providers.

Does FinLoop co-invest in any transactions?

No. FinLoop is a technology provider and has no investment in any transactions and does not manage any capital transfers.

Can I find Financing for Projects other than Commercial Real Estate in the FinLoop Marketplace?

No, the FinLoop Marketplace is a B2B lending platform for real estate investors looking to finance commercial real estate assets. FinLoop offers real estate related bespoke software solutions tailored for equity raising, loan syndication and servicing.

Please speak to our sales team if you have further questions.

Why do People use the FinLoop Marketplace to Find the Right Lender for their Projects?

The marketplace for property finance is opaque, and new lenders enter it every day. Professional property investors, landlords and developers need to understand quickly what lender options are available to secure a purchase, release funds to move onto the next stage of their property project or finance real estate developments. FinLoop allows them to gather multiple terms sheets quickly by writing a single financing request.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, please follow "Forgot your password?" link on login pageclick here.

What does FinLoop do with my personal information?

FinLoop takes data protection seriously and respects the privacy of your personal information. More details join FinLoop and how we use it are available in our privacy policy, which is available here.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how FinLoop uses personal information that is collected or generated both concerning this website and through online products and services. The list below sets out what is covered in this Privacy Policy.

Can I delete my FinLoop account?

If you wish to delete your account, please contact us at here.

What Internet Browsers do you support?

For the sake of security and providing the best experience to many of our customers, we do not support browsers that are no longer receiving security updates and represent a small minority of traffic.

Microsoft Edge. We will support Microsoft Edge from Windows 7 for two years from version release.

Chrome/Safari. We will support Chrome and Safari on all platforms for two years from version release.

Firefox. We will support Firefox on desktop platforms for two years from version release.

We will respond to bug reports but not proactively test the latest version of Firefox on Android and iOS, Silk on Fire OS and Opera for Windows.

How is data secured on the FinLoop platform?

Data sent and received from your computer to our secure systems is encrypted using the latest technology to ensure confidentiality. Independent third-party security consultants regularly review our technology infrastructure, and all data is hosted by a recognised and established technology firm and stored within the EU.

FinLoop uses Amazon Web Services to host the infrastructure in Ireland. Utilising three Amazon regions inside that country ensures maximum availability. All backups/logs/audits are managed by Amazon’s Control Tower, guaranteeing the highest security and audit standards.

FinLoop resources are located under a private network and are only reachable via a VPN. None of our Developers have access to the production environment or data. Only the DevOps & CTO can access it and cannot do so without leaving logs.

User management is centralised via a standard OAuth SSO server. Only the public website and the SSO are reachable via public internet. All communications (external or internal) are under https or encrypted.

The Data Room documents are stored on Amazon’s S3 encrypted bucket (protected under Control Tower + Private Network). Those documents have another encryption (additional to Amazon’s encryption) with a dedicated key x document. Documents are stored with scrambled names and without extension.

I am a client and wish to complain. How can I do this?

We are dedicated to offering you the best possible experience.

If you believe we have not handled or resolved a problem you have encountered in a way that you would have expected, no matter what the issue, and whether you would like to share a positive or negative experience, we want to hear from you.

We kindly ask you to contact our Client Services team via We will respond promptly.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Client Services Department, FinLoop AG, Chamerstrasse 172, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

Can I change plans later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime by going to your Subscriptions page.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime at 'Manage your subscription' on Subscriptions page.

Can I expense my Professional membership?

At the end of your purchase, you'll receive the receipt in your email that you can use to file an expense report.

How do I contact Sales?

You can send an email to