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Securely create, distribute, and track your loan packages through one integrated, streamlined platform. Save time and originate more deals while providing your clients with a superior consumer experience.

FinLoop Features for Advisors

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Loan Process Automation


Collaboration Hub


Document Vault and Data Room


Transaction Analytics and Reporting


Provide your clients with a top-quality customer experience by giving tailored and efficient tech-forward solutions all on one single platform.


Securely create, distribute, and track your loan packages through one integrated, streamlined and easy-to-use digital platform.


Save time and originate more deals by engaging with more lenders and borrowers simultaneously through automated workflows.


Manage all your relevant files in a data room system that is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the real estate debt market.


Real-time chats, video calls and messaging with lenders and team members all in one application saves time and allows you to collaborate more efficiently.


No more searching through a multitude of emails. Information and content are easy to find across all your client projects because it is stored on one platform.


Instantly know when clients, team members or lenders communicate regarding your loan project by receiving personalised push notifications wherever you are.


Secure access. Give all relevant parties secure access to transaction documents via one single entry point that you control on the cloud, any time and from any device—no more multiple email messages.


Full transparency in all documents, whether from messages, chats, or uploads, automatically gathered and stored under a unique profile for each loan that you can access anytime and anywhere.


Better manage risk by assigning user-specific access to sensitive data for designated internal or external users.


Full after deal transparency. Automatically create a time-stamped copy of all communications and data shared for each financing.


Never miss any deal-relevant data. Best in class reporting and monitoring tools enable you to track the status of an individual project or your entire deal portfolio and team member interaction anytime and anywhere.


Proactive real-time Reporting notifies you of red flags that could delay your projects at any phase: non-submitted documents, missed deadlines or unanswered messages and more.


Manage all your relevant files in a data room system that fulfils the highest banking security requirements and is specially designed to cater to the real estate debt market requirements.

How it works

Submit your Client’s financing request and benefit from tailored, tech-forward solutions that will take your loan and client management process to the next level.

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Enter your Client’s Financing Request

Create your account, enter your client’s financing requests, and determine which lender to contact.

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Receive Matched Loan Requests

The FinLoop platform sends you instant notifications when a new financing proposal for your client arrives.

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Select and Connect

Select the most suitable financing proposals for your client and start working with all relevant parties via one secure and easy-to-use workspace environment.

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Close the Loop

At the end of the process, you can keep using the workspace environment to provide your clients with the best after-sales support and to start the next financing project.


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